Sussex County Public Safety
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All of Sussex County’s Police/Fire/EMS (with alpha tags) with the exception of Vernon PD. Includes Byram PD, Sussex County Sheriff, and Sussex County Fire Marshall P25 channels, Hopatcong PD DMR channel, along with all other PDs in the county.

Sussex County Sheriff 154.845 MHz
Sussesx Fire Byram 458.4875 MHz
JEMS EMS Dispatch  155.295 MHz
Andover Township Police Dispatch 155.5575 MHz
Franklin Fire Dispatch 155.835 MHz
Franklin EMS Dispatch 155.325 MHz
Hampurg Police Dispatch 154.995 MHz
Hamburg Fire Dispatch 154.34 MHz
Hamtopn Fire and EMS Dispatch 151.1 MHz
Hopatcong Police Dispatch 158.85 MHz
Hopatcong EMS Dispatch 155.295 MHz
Montague Fire Dispatch 151.1525 MHz
Newton Fire Dispatch 152.9075 MHz
Newton Police Dispatch 155.49 MHz
Sparta Fire Dispatch 154.25 MHz
Sparta EMS Dispatch 155.325 MHz
Sparta Police North Dispatch 155.64 MHz
Sparta Police South Dispatch 154.83 MHz
Wantage EMS Dispatch 155.55 MHz
Lakeland EMS Dispatch 154.3925 MHz