El Paso County Regional Law Enforcement
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Splitting previous feed due to excessive delay on streaming. Will remove law enforcement from other feed and only have it here, Also will be adding Texas DPS dispatch. El Paso Communications 860.2mhz p25 El Paso Police 155.55mhz p25 El Paso Sheriff Talk groups: 5002 138a D EPPD Westsid El Paso Police Westside Dispatch Law Dispatch 5007 138f D EPPD Central El Paso Police Central Dispatch Law Dispatch 5009 1391 D EPPD NorEast El Paso Police Northeast Dispatch Law Dispatch 5011 1393 D EPPD PebbHls El Paso Police Pebble Hills Dispatch Law Dispatch 5013 1395 D EPPD Low Val El Paso Police Lower Valley Dispatch Law Dispatch 5377 1501 D EPPD CdEnf1 El Paso Police Code Enforcement 1 Law Talk 5378 1502 D EPPD CdEnf2 El Paso Police Code Enforcement 2 7002 1b5a DE EP Co Sheriff Sheriff Texas Department of public safety 159.55mhz DPS law enforcement P25 conventional