Portland Police Dispatch - East

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Portland Police Bureau - East Precinct bounadries are roughly SE 39th Ave.(W), 162nd Ave.(E), I-84(N), and SE Clatsop St.(S) I'm always in ScannerRadio's discord chat, #oregon channel for questions: https://discord.gg/H8q4m8s

Dedicated computer using dual RTL-SDRs and DSD+ software to monitor Portland P25 talkgroup 797 (East Dispatch)
(Audio "glitches" are caused by imperfect decoding of this newer digital P25 signal, fine-tuning it is a never ending work in progress.)  With this setup I can stream any talkgroup on the Portland P25 system.  If you have something you'd like to hear, send me a message.  If there's a consensus, I'd consider adding another feed.