Fairbanks North Star Borough Fire

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Fire Department dispatch and operations channels for the Fairbanks North Star Borough in Alaska, including wildland fire channels.

Fire Department dispatch and tactical radio channels for the Fairbanks North Star Borough on the Alaska Land Mobile Radio system.

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Extended periods of silence are normal. This feed is delayed by approximately 30 seconds. Alpha Tag: [Channel Name] - [Radio ID]

Scanner Location: Fairbanks, Alaska, near Airport Way and Peger Road.
Scanner Equipment: Uniden BCD996P2 scanner connected to a dedicated server running ProScan.

System: Alaska Land Mobile Radio (Project 25 Phase I)
Site: Fairbanks Peger Road - Primary control channel: 154.825 MHz

The callsign "City" is the Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center, the primary public safety answering point for the borough.

There are several fire departments in the borough and mutual aid is very common. Fire Department unit identifiers indicate which department the apparatus is staffed by. The first digit identifies the department (see table below), and the second digit identifies the apparatus itself. For example, Medic 12 is operated by University Fire Department, since the first digit is 1. Likewise, Medic 31 is operated by North Star Volunteer Fire Department. The City of Fairbanks Fire Department has no prefix number so all FFD units have single-digit identifiers.

Fire Department Unit Identifiers:

Fire Department Unit First Digit
Fairbanks Fire Department (none)_
University Fire Department 1_
North Pole Fire Department 2_
North Star Volunteer Fire Department 3_
Chena Goldstream Fire & Rescue 4_
Ester Volunteer Fire Department 5_
Steese Volunteer Fire Department 6_
Fairbanks International Airport Police & Fire 7_
Eielson Air Force Base Fire Department 8_
Fort Wainwright Fire Department 9_

Radio Channels:

Incidents are dispatched on radio channel Tac 2 by an automated dispatch system, sometimes supplemented by dispatchers. Most incident operations are assigned to operate on channels Tac 3, Tac 4, or Tac 5. These tactical channels are prioritized for this feed and will interrupt traffic on other channels. Each fire department also has their own dedicated channel for miscellaneous communication with the FECC.

Note: Due to Broadcastify terms of service requirements, some talkgroups including ambulance-to-hospital and fire investigation communications are intentionally not scanned on this feed. These talkgroups are indicated by a strikethrough on the channel list below.

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