Sacramento Regional Fire and EMS
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Fire & EMS Dispatch for Agencies in Sacramento County, CA on the SRRCS P25 Radio System

Sacramento Regional Fire and EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) dispatches all Sacramento County Fire Agencies on the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS) P25 system. 

Dispatch A (Primary) & C (Secondary) Talkgroups: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire, Folsom Fire, Cosumnes Fire, Sacramento County Airport Fire, Fire Protection Districts: Courtland, Herold, Isleton, River Delta, Walnut Grove, & Wilton

Dispatch B (Primary) & D (Secondary) Talkgroups: Sacramento City Fire

Feed Provided By: Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART), an all volunteer, non-profit water rescue and recovery team serving the Sacramento Region since 1980.