Sacramento Regional Fire and EMS
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Fire & EMS Dispatch for Agencies in Sacramento County, CA on the SRRCS P25 Radio System

**January 2023 Update: Power and Internet service has been intermitent since New Years due to the storm activity. All equitment on battery backups, however it is dependent on internet service provider.**

Sacramento Regional Fire and EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) dispatches all Sacramento County Fire Agencies on the Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS) P25 system. 

Dispatch A (Primary) & C (Secondary) Talkgroups: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire, Folsom Fire, Cosumnes Fire, Sacramento County Airport Fire, Fire Protection Districts: Courtland, Herold, Isleton, River Delta, Walnut Grove, & Wilton

Dispatch B (Primary) & D (Secondary) Talkgroups: Sacramento City Fire

Feed Provided By: Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART), an all volunteer, non-profit water rescue and recovery team serving the Sacramento Region since 1980.