Potter County Sheriff and Fire
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Potter County Sheriff and Fire Digital

Amarillo Police Scanner, hosting the most professional online radio scanner in Potter County.


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Welcome to Potter County Sheriff and Fire. This is a sub feed to Amarillo Police and Fire. We are the only online radio scanner in Amarillo using comercial grade radio equipment and professional audio processing. What you hear is the same thing the Departments themselve's are receiving. PCPS. monitors radio traffic from the Potter County Sheriffs Office and the Potter County Fire Department. This equipment is located in a professional data center with Emergency power backup, streaming 24/7 coverage of Amarillo's public safety radio traffic. This is as real as it gets!

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Please direct your questions or comments to service@amarillopolicescanner.com

A.P.S. is for entertainment purposes only. The use of a radio scanner device in the commision of illegal activity (other than Class C) could enhance criminal charges under the statute of Texas Penal Code §16.02