Elk County Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch
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Elk County 911 will be sending Police, Fire and EMS dispatch audio to support the Pulse Point audio interface which Elk County is a partner. This audio will enhance community activity to increase public awareness, including reducing CPR Response Times.

The following frequencies will be broadcast:
 462.97500 MHz  Elk County EMS Dispatch Channel
 453.12500 MHz.  Elk County Fire Dispatch Channel
 453.35000 MHz   Elk County Police Dispatch Channel
EMS Agencies:
St. Marys Ambulance
Ridgway Ambulance
Fox Twp Ambulance
Police Depts:
St Marys Police
Ridgway Police
Johnsonburg Police

Fire Depts:
St Marys fire
Johnsonburg fire
Fox Twp fire
Ridgway fire
Jay Twp fire
Wilcox fire
Horton Twp
Highland Twp
All Channels are Analog
Elk County 911 holds the licenses for the above radio channels that will be broadcast.