Ottawa County Public Safety - Digital
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Uniden SDS100 on Rasberry Pi4 monitoring Michigan Ottawa County Police - Fire - EMS - AeroMed - Michigan State Police.

DEC 13882/HEX 363a/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70POL1/ Central 911 Dispatch 1
DEC 3324/HEX cfc/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70POL2/Central 911 Dispatch 2

DEC 6217/HEX 1849/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70EMER/Sheriff Emergency Management

DEC 13836/HEX 360c/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70HPEVT1/Holland Police: Event 1

DEC 13863/HEX 3627/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70MARINE/Sheriff: Marine Patrol
DEC 13874/HEX 3632/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70CEMO/Ottawa County Emergency
Management Division
DEC 13897/HEX 3635/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70SOK9/Sheriff: K9
DEC 13936/HEX 3670/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70SOEVT1/Sheriff: Event 1

DEC 3809/HEX 35f1/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70FNORTH/Central 911 Fire: North Dispatch
DEC 3810/HEX 35f2/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70FSOUTH/Central 911 Fire: South Dispatch
DEC 3767/HEX 35c7/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F01OPS/Allendale Township Fire
DEC 3768/HEX 35c8/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F0OPS/Olive Township Fire
DEC 3769/HEX 35c9/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70f03OPS/Conklin Township Fire
DEC 3770/HEX 35ca/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F04OPS/Coopersville Fire
DEC 3771/HEX 35cb/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F5OPS/Crockery Township Fire
DEC 3772/HEX 35cc/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F06OPS2/Zeeland Township Fire
DEC 3774/HEX 35ce/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F06OPS/Zeeland Township Fire 2
DEC 3775/HEX 35cf/MODE D/ Alpha Tag 70F07OPS/Ferrysburg Fire
DEC 3779/HEX 35d3/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F08OPS/Georgetown Township Fire
DEC 3781/HEX 35d5/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F09OPS/Grand Haven City Fire
DEC 3783/HEX 35d7/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F10OPS/Grand Haven Township Fire
DEC 3784/HEX 35d8/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F11OPS/Holland City Fire
DEC 3785/HEX 35d9/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F12OPS/Holland Township Fire
DEC 3786/HEX 35da/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F13OPS/Hudsonville Fire
DEC 3787/HEX 35db/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F14OPS/Jamestown Township Fire
DEC 3789/HEX 35dd/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F15OPS/Park Township Fire
DEC 3790/HEX 35de/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F16OPS/Port Sheldon Fire
DEC 3791/HEX 35df/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F17OPS/Spring Lake Township
DEC 3792/HEX 35e0/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F18OPS/Marne TWP
DEC 3793/HEX 35e1/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F19OPS/Zeeland City Fire
DEC 3794/HEX 35e2/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F20OPS/Robinson TWP
DEC 3795/HEX 35e3/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70F21OPS/Blendon TWP

State Police District 6 - Grand Valley Region
DEC 3069/HEX bfd/MODE D/Alpha Tag D6NORTH/Grand Valley Region: North
Dispatch (Posts 62, 63)
DEC 3070/HEX bfe/MODE D/Alpha Tag D6SOUTH/Grand Valley Region: South
Dispatch (Posts 61, 64)
DEC 3246/HEX cae/MODE D/Alpha Tag D6K9/Grand Valley Region: K-9
DEC 3061/HEX bf5/MODE D/Alpha Tag D61POST/Post 61: Rockford Post Command

DEC 13797/HEX 35e5/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70AMR/AMR Ambulance

DEC 13862/HEX 3626/MODE D/Alpha Tag 70LIFE/Life EMS OPS