Inland Northwest Fire and Sheriff - Multiple Counties
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Scanning Bonner County, Idaho North Spokane County Stevens County Pend Oreille County WA Department of Natural Resources, Northeast Dispatch.

Winter Time Feed Includes:

Spokane County

Automated Fire Dispatch For All of Spokane County.

Status,North Primary,Fire Emergency.

FOPS 11-16.

Mutual Aid

Spokane Regional Mutual Aid (SRMA) Channels 1,2,3,4

SOPS 1-5


Stevens County

Fire Dispatch North,South,

Fire  Tacs

Sheriff Dispatch

Sheriff Channels

Pend Oreille County

Fire Dispatch North,South,Mid

FireTac 1-2

Newport Amb,Newport PD.

Sheriff Dispatch’s

Sheriff Channels.

WA Natural Resources

ATG 1-3

State,Statewide Common,



DNR Cheney,Deer Park,Chewelah,(Colville Testing)

Bonner County, Idaho

Sheriff Dispatch 

Sheriff Channels

Fire & Ems Channels








*This feed is a volunteer feed only. Not part of any organization.
Sometimes radio traffic will come in scratchy, depending where the apparatus is.
The feed may go down from time to time usually this is causes by power outages or internet issues and most often happens in really bad weather. I do my best to keep this system online all of the time. Please allow 24 hours to get problem fixed if there is one.*