Washington State DNR Fire Crews Dispatch - Northeast
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Scanning WA Department of Natural Resources, Northeast Dispatch.

The feed will include the following frequencies:

DNR Northeast Dispatch:
DNR Deer Park 159.4050 Mhz
DNR Cheney 159.3675 Mhz
DNR Statewide and Air To ground:
DNR Common 151.4150 Mhz
DNR Air To Ground 1 159.2700 Mhz
Spokane County Mutual Aid VHF:
Spokane Regional Mutual Aid 1 154.8000 Mhz
Spokane Regional Mutual Aid 2 155.1300 Mhz
Spokane Regional Mutual Aid 3 153.9350 Mhz
Spokane Regional Mutual Aid 4 154.7400 Mhz
Stevens County:
Fire Dispatch South 154.4150 Mhz
Statewide Interop:
Rednet/Firecom 153.8300 Mhz
On-Scene Command and Coordination 156.1350 Mhz
VHF National Interop:
VTac11 151.1375 Mhz
VTac12 154.4525 Mhz
VTac13 158.7375 Mhz
VTac14 159.4725 Mhz