Waller County Sheriff Dispatch - Digital
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WCSO Law Dispatch (from P25 Digital Trunking TXWARN System), Hempstead PD, Prairie View PD, Waller PD, Brookshire PD, and Waller County Fire/EMS

*Recently Upgraded 07/16/2021.  Software is now SDRTrunk on much newer 64bit (Intel Core i5) hardware.  Decoding is much better, audio quality is 10 times better than it was, enjoy!

*Also Alpha Tags are now sent to Apps like Radio Scanner on phones.


Waller County LAW Sheriff Dispatch Feed from the Digital P25 TXWARN System

All WCSO Law Enforcement Dispatch's, excluding only PVAMU Campus PD (needs it's own feed, busy).

WCSO, Waller PD, Hempstead PD, Prairie View PD, Brookshire PD and Waller County Fire/EMS

5xx units = WSCO

8xx units = PV PD

1xx units = Hempstead PD

2xx units = Waller PD

7xx units = Brookshire PD

4D or 25xx units = TXDPS State Trooper

Units with numbers like 22xx, 33xx, are Constables, the first number indicates the precint, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

You will also hear other radio traffic from Fire/EMS/Other units with their own specific numbers.