Grant County Fire/EMS and Washington State Patrol
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Grant County WA MACC911 P25 sys. Fire/EMS dispatch. All command & tac channels along with Washington State Patrol.

  Grant County Fire/EMS dispatch / fireground talkgroups and Washington State Patrol. 

  • This feed monitors all fire dispatch and tac channels on the MACC911 Sys. sites 16 & 17. NOTE: All Grant Co. law is encrypted.
  • MACC911 System Sites and State Patrol radio traffic are simulcast at the same time.
  • Listen to Grant Co. MACC911 Sys. on the New "Calls" Platform⧉ (with free account) without missing any transmissions.

   Grant Co. Cities & Districts

Moses Lake Fire
Ephrata Fire
Coulee City Fire
Grand Coulee Fire
Electric City Fire
Port of Moses Lake
Royal Slope Fire/EMS
District #3 - Quincy/George
District #4 - Warden
District #5 - Moses Lake Area
District #6 - Hartline
District #7 - Soap Lake
District #8 - Mattawa
District #10 - Royal City
District #12 - Wilson Creek
District #13 - Ephrata
District #14 -
District #15 -

American Medical Response
Protection 1

Grant Co Fire Dists Map NEW ⧉
Grant Co Fire Dists Map OLD ⧉

Description Talkgroup Radio Call Notes
Grant County Fire-1 Dispatch 2002 "MACC Fire-1" Moses Lake City Fire, Dist. #4 - Warden, Dist. #5 - Moses Lake Area
Grant County Fire-2 Dispatch 2003 "MACC Fire-2" Districts 3 + 6-15, Ephrata, Coulee City, Electric City, Soap Lake
Grant County Fire Tac TG s  2004-2080 "Tac" All fire district tactical and command talkgroups
Washington State Patrol 155.5050 "Ephrata" WSP digital frequency plays simultaneously with MACC Trunk Sys.

  Fire Dispatch Determinant Categories:
Ω = OMEGA-level
A = ALPHA-level
B = BRAVO-level
C = CHARLIE-level
D = DELTA-level
E = ECHO-level