KB5UJM 442.3500 MHz Repeater
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442.350 Repeater located in Northeast San Antonio, TX The repeater equipment is currently: Repeater, GE Executive II by Micro Computer Concepts Duplexer, 4 cavities Motorola T1540A (1.4DB) loss Controller, CAT 1,000 with AD-100 audio delay module and DR-1000 digital recorder accessory installed. SAME Weather receiver WX250. All above by Computer Automation Technologies Realtime weather station Ultimeter Ć U-100 by Peet Brothers Preamp, Model: P432VDG by Advanced Receiver Research Feedline, 1/2 Inch Heliax™ . Antenna, Comet CA-712 EF with 9.8 DBI / 7.2 DBD