Hawaii County Police and Fire - East
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East Hawaii County Police and Fire. ( South Hilo and Puna Districts)


 East hawaii Police and Fire is broadcasted from a dedicated Acer laptop running windows 8. A BCD996P2 Uniden scanner/w external "maxxtenna"  antenna listens for  the transmissions from the 'Kulani cone'  transmission tower used by the COH. 

Software used includes, Proscan ( for broadcasting to Broadcastify), and to run a private audio feed,
And Peace audio equalizer software to tweak audio for optimal output.

#   System  will automatically reboot itself every other Sunday night at 8:40pm. Time offline should be 5 or 10 minutes at most.

Talk Groups monitored on this feed include...

Civil Defense (Field ops):

  • HC CDA1
  • HC CDA2

Hawaii County Police:

  • HIPD Central
  • HIPD Hilo Ops 
  • HIPD Puna Ops 
  • HIPD Kau Ops

​Hawaii County Fire:

  • HIFD Fire Dispatch (Island wide) 
  • HIFD Hilo1
  • HIFD Hilo2 **
  • HIFD Puna1
  • HIFD Puna2 **
  • HIFD PTA2 **
  • HIFD Kau2
  • Chopper East 
  • Chopper West

** Some channels might be temporarily locked out at times if there is too much chatter... so other talkgroups can be monitored. ( Fire chattering about equiptment logistics is an example. Or if the channel is being used for other tactical chatter during a situation.)

Police Tactical channels are not,  and cannot, be broadcasted ..  


Police 10 codes( Not all are used regularly). Mostly plain english is spoken by HPD with a few (ten codes) thrown in. 10- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,16,18,19, are the most common.

10-1    Return to station        
10-2    Call by phone            
10-3    Meet officer/complainant    
10-4    Acknowledge            
10-5    Location            
10-6    Repeat                
10-7    Arrived at scene        
10-8    In service            
10-9    Out of service(Off duty)            
10-10    EMS Call            
10-11    Expedite            
10-12    Lavatory            
10-13    Call home
10-14    Lunch break
10-15    Officer in trouble
10-16    Prisoner transport
10-17    Direct traffic
10-18    Radio check (also could indicate coming on duty.)
10-19    Motor Vehicle Accident(MVA, TC)
****** Older codes seldom used. ******

10-27    Drivers license check
10-28    License plate check
10-44    Suspect left scene
10-92    Parking violation
10-96    Drunk/DUI
10-99    Bomb threat
***** Abbreviations *****
NPA       Homeless (No Physical Address)
MVA      Motor Vehicle Accident
TC         Traffic Collision
AV         Abandoned Vehicle
RO        Registered Owner
RP        Reporting Party
MP       Missing  Person
BOLO    Be On The Lookout
CPD       Criminal Property Damage
UEMV    Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle

Fire uses mostly plain English except when using  EMS codes.

EMS codes heard: "Condition":

Alpha     Good/Fair
Bravo     Serious Condition
Charlie   Critical Condition
Delta      DOA (Dead on arrival)

CVA   cerebrovascular accident ( Stroke)
Code 500  Cardiac  Arrest

{Example: "Transporting 53 year old male, condition Bravo."}


Phonetic Alphabet

A - Alpha        N - November

B - Bravo        O - Oscar

C - Charlie      P - Papa

D - Delta         Q - Quebec

E - Echo          R - Romeo

F - Foxtrot      S - Sierra

G - Golf           T - Tango

H - Hotel         U - Uniform

I - India            V - Victor

J - Juliet         W - Whiskey

K - Kilo            X - Xray

L -  Lima          Z - Zulu

M - Mike


Hawaii Co. Fire Sta. Locations

Central Sta. #1 - Hilo

Pepeekeo Vol. Sta. #1A - Pepeekeo

Waiakea Sta. #2 - Hilo

Kawailani Sta. #3 - Hilo

Kaumana Sta. #4 - Hilo

Keaau Sta. #5 - Keaau

Hawaiian Acres Vol. Sta. #5B - Hawaiian Acres 

Fern Forest Vol. Sta. #5C - Fern Forest

Fern Acres Vol. Sta. #5D - Mountain View 

Captain Cook Sta. #6 - Captain Cook

Kona Paradise Vol. Sub Sta. #6B -

Kailua Sta. #7 - Kailua-Kona

Kona Village Vol. Sta. #7A -

Kalaoa Vol. Sta. #7B - Kalaoa

Honokaa Sta. #8 - Honokaa

Paauilo Vol. Sta. #8A - Paauilo 

Waimea Sta. #9 - Waimea

Anekona Vol. Sta. #9B - Kamuela.

Pahoa Sta. #10 - Pahoa

Wa'a Wa'a Vol. Sta. #10D - 

Pahala Sta. #11 - Pahala

Naalehu Sta. #11A - Naalehu 

Discovery Harbour Vol. Sta. #11B - Naalehu

Keauhou Sta. #12 - Honalo

South Kohala Sta. #14 - Waikoloa Villiage

North Kohala Ranch Vol. Sta. #14A - Waimea

North Kohala Sta. #15 - Kapaau 

Waikoloa Sta. #16 - Waikoloa Village

Laupahoehoe Sta. #17 - Laupahoehoe

Laupahoehoe Vol. Sta. #17A - Laupahoehoe

Paradise Park Sta. #18 - Keaau

Paradise Park Vol. Sta. #18A - Keaau

Volcano Sta. #19 - Volcano National Park

Volcano Village Vol. Sta. #19A - Keaau

Ocean View Sta. #20 - Ocean View

Ocean view Vol 20A - Ocean View

(Usage: Brush truck 5 would be dispatched from Keaau.)



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