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This feed covers NJSP Sussex - 2-COMM Wantage FD/EMS Sussex FD/EMS Sussex County Fire/EMS Dispatch and Response Details in feed Notes

Channels Monitored
Agency System Frequency
NJ State Police 2-COMM (Sussex) Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink TG 35696
Sussex Wantage FD/ Wantage EMS (62,63,64) Dispatch/Ops (Repeater) 154.31750 PL 233.6
Wantage FD FG Fireground (Simplex) 158.94750 PL 233.6
Sssx Fire 1 Countywide Dispatch (Simplex) 46.10000 PL 131.8
Sssx FG 2 Fireground 2 (Simplex) 46.40000 PL 131.8
Sussex FG 3 S Fireground 3 SOUTH (Simplex) 46.24000 PL 131.8
Sussex FG 4 N Fireground 4 NORTH (Simplex) 46.28000 PL 131.8
Sussex FG 5 T Fireground 5 Tanker Task Force (Simplex) 46.34000 PL 131.8
Sussex Resp 1 County FD Response 1 (Repeater) 155.1900 PL 173.8
Sussex Resp 2 County EMS Response 2 (Repeater) 155.70750 PL 151.4
Sussex FD/EMS Paging County NEW VHF-High paging (presently simulcast with 46.1000) 155.06250 PL 131.8

Sussex/Wantage Unit Numbers (12/22/19 work in progress)
Unit Description
62-Fire Wantage FD - Colesville
62-01 Department Chief
62-02 Deputy Chief
62-03 Captain
62-04 1st Lieutenant
62-05 2nd Lieutenant
62-Resuce ???
62-Squad ???
62-Tanker ???
63-EMS Wantage Dispatch - QC2 617.4/1122.5
Wantage FD/EMS (Tones  & Response)
63-52 Wantage Rig 102
63-53 Wantage Rig 103
64-Fire Wantage FD - Beemerville
64-02 Deputy Chief
64-03 Captain
64-04 1st Lieutenant
64-05 2nd Lieutenant
64-Station Beemerville Station Radio
64-Squad ???
69-Fire Sussex EMS/FD
69-50 Bravo ???
69-Car 4 ???
69-Car 5 ???
69-Engine 2 ???
69-51 Sussex EMS
69-52 Sussex EMS

LIVE Weather Station 

"Station Numbers" used during Countywide pager dispatches courtesy http://www.njscfa.com/Companies.htm

Station # Department
11 Sussex County Prosecutor
12 Sussex County Sheriff's Office
13 Sussex County Corrections
21 Ogdensburg Fire
22 Andover Borough Fire
23 Stanhope Fire
24 Branchville Fire
25 Frankford Fire & First Responders
26 Hamburg Fire & EMS
27 Fredon Fire & EMS
28 Hardyston Fire
31 Franklin Fire
32 Andover Township Fire
33 Hopatcong Borough Fire
35 Montague Fire & First Responders
36 Newton Fire
38 Sandyston Fire
41 Sparta Fire
42 Stillwater Area Fire, EMS and First Responders
43 Byram Twp Police/Fire/EMS (43 Rescue covering 22 & 32)
44 McAfee
48 Hampton Fire & EMS
56 Blue Ridge Rescue Squad (covering Frankford, Branchville, Sandyston & Montague)
62 Colesville Fire (Wantage)
63 Wantage First Aid Squad
64 Beemerville Fire (Wantage)
69 Sussex Fire & EMS
70 Vernon Twp Ambulance Squad
72 Sussex County Public Safety Academy
81 Vernon EMS
85 Lafayette Fire & EMS
95 Green Township Fire & EMS
99 New Jersey Forest Fire

UPS & Generator Backup on a dedicated PC appliance (Internet is the only thing out of my control TS Isaias has proven Service Electric/Optimum does not have adequate power backups for their equipment as the whole cable system up here in Wantage went down 4 hours after the initial power outage.  It was only restored when power was restored by the utilities two days later)


  • 2020-01: ADDED County EMS Operations as Sussex EMS is now using that as a response channel
  • 2020-01: Sussex County Communications is now dispatching for Sussex & Wantage - Station & Unit number changes
  • 2020-08: Turned down the volume a tad there was some distortion I wasn't happy with --- Feedback appreciated
  • 2020-08: Added new County paging frequency.  They seem to be simulcasting (46.1000) for FD & EMS dispatch for Sussex EMS
  • 2020-08 :Added a notch filter to help reduce the hum from the CTSS on Sussex/Wantage FD/EMS Repeater
  • 2020-08: As they are reporting themselves the NJSP are having radio issues (as usual) up here in the county with lots of scratchy transmissions.  Nothing I can do on my end.
  • 2020-08-16: Added Sussex Response 1, by request, to aid local FD
  • 2021-01-21: Added Station 81 (Vernon EMS) to station numbers table

This is my hobby and a public service,  if you have constructive feedback either about this info page or the quality and sound of the feed please provide it.  I'd be happy to accomodate.

In the event of a county emergency (natural disasters, widespread power outages and when the other two county feeds "Sussex County Fire Response 1" & "Sussex County Fire and EMS" those channels will also be added to the feed for the duration of the outages (DMR & P25 will not be monitored at this time)