Wood County Public Safety
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Sheriff Dispatch  155.5500 MHz    WOLAW1
Fire Dispatch      154.1600 MHz     WOFIR3
County Govt.      151.2500 MHz     WOTAC4
Sheriff's Rescue 155.2050 MHz    WORESCUE
United EMS.       155.8800 MHz    UEMR
Marshfield FD     158.7600 MHz    MarshfieldFD
Nekoosa PD        155.0700 MHz   NekossaPD
PtEdwards FD      158.8650 MHz  PtEdwardsFD
Rudolph FD         154.0250  MHz  RudolphFD  
WI Rapids FD      155.7600 MHz   WI RapidsFD
WI Rapids FD      154.3700  MHz  WRFD Tac
WI Rapids PD1    155.0100  MHz  WI RapidsPD1
Marshfield PD. 155.3100 MHZ. Marshfield PD Dispatch