Kendall County Public Safety
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The scanner used is the WiFi enabled BCD536HP, which allows for crystal clear digital voice in the feed!

The following talkgroups/frequencies are scanned in the list below.  Only primary dispatch for law enforcement is scanned, Information and Tactical/Patrol groups are locked out.  Each fire department's channel 1 is scanned and their channel 2's are locked out as well.  Please listen responsibly and do not interfere with emergency personnel that are working active scenes.  I am providing this feed as a service to Kendall County residents who want to be informed, and I reserve the right to terminate it should it create issues for first responders.

Kendall County SO Primary - Dispatch only for Boerne PD, Kendall SO, Fair Oaks Ranch
Kendall Co Ops 1 - 5 - Fireground and Rescue
Kendall OEM
Kendall Co Fire/EMS Dispatch and Primary
Boerne Fire, Alamo Springs Fire, Bergheim Fire, Comfort Fire, Kendalia Fire, Sisterdale Fire, Waring Fire

155.6550 Kendall SO Repeater
155.4000 Kendall Fire/EMS VHF Toneout
154.9875 Kendall Emergency Mgmt
153.4400 Boerne Fire VHF.