Hamilton County Public Safety

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Westfield, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Sheridan, Cicero, Sheriff/Small Town Fire/EMS/Police Dispatch and Operations.

This feed includes:
DEC  HEX  Alpha Tag Description
29001 7149 HAM 29 DSP1 Sheriff and Small Towns Police - Dispatch 
29002 714a HAM 29 DSP2 Fishers Police - Dispatch 
29003 714b HAM 29 DSP3 Noblesville/Westfield Police -  Dispatch 
29004 714c HAM 29 DSP4 Carmel Police - Dispatch 
29005 714d HAM 29 DSP5 Countywide Law Enforcement Dispatch (Overflow for all agencies) 
29006 714e HAM 29-CTL Countywide Fire - Control 
29010 7152 HAM 29-F-DSP Countywide Fire - Dispatch 
29011 7153 29-FIRE/EMS Fire/EMS Operations 
29139 71d3 CIC TOWN ALL Cicero Citywide Interop (Fire, Police, Operations)
29142 71d6 CIC PD/FD Cicero Police Fire Interop
29155 71e3 NFD DISPATCH Noblesville Fire Department - Dispatch 
29152 71e0 SHERIDAN TWN Sheridan Interop - Police, Fire, DPW 

Uniden BCD996P2 scanner

Currently using a raspberry pi to stream, trying to figure out how to get the metadata off the scanner into the stream.