Knox County Police, Fire and EMS
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This feed scans the Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T (Vincennes Tower). Included in this feed is all Knox County Agencies including all local Police, Fire and EMS agencies for Knox County Only. The State talkgroups are not being scanned.

The following channels are being scanned and broadcasted on the feed:

Knox County E911 Center 
Knox County Tactical 1 
Knox County Tactical 2 
Knox County Tactical 3 
Knox County Tactical 4 
Knox County Tactical 5 
Knox County Tactical 6
Knox County Tactical 7 
Knox County Tactical 8 
Bicknell Fire 
Edwardsport/Sandborn Fire 
Freelandville Fire 
Harrison Township Fire 
Johnson Township/Decker Fire 
Oaktown Fire 
Palmyra Township Fire 
Steen Township Fire 
Vigo Township Fire 
Vincennes Fire 
Vincennes Township Fire 
Washington Township Fire 
Knox County EMS Dispatch 
Knox County Sheriff Dispatch 
Bicknell Police 
Vincennes Police 
Vincennes University Police 

KCIL Talkgroup (a patch between Knox County IN and Lawrence Co IL)