St. Louis Area NOAA Weather Radio KDO89
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The station info is NOAA KDO89 162.550 Mhz St. Louis Missouri 
This station serves St. Louis City Missouri, St. Louis County Missouri, Jefferson County Missouri, Franklin County Missouri, St. Charles County Missouri, Lincoln County Missouri, Warren County Missouri, Madison County Illinois, St. Clair County Illinois, and Monroe County Illinois



Transmitter Details
Call Sign Power Frequency Status
KDO89 1000 W 162.550 MHz  

County Coverage for KDO89

State County SAME  
IL Madison 017119  
IL Monroe 017133  
IL St. Clair 017163  
MO City of St. Louis 029510  
MO Franklin 029071  
MO Jefferson 029099  
MO Lincoln 029113  
MO St. Charles 029183  
MO St. Louis 029189  
MO Warren 029219