Merrimack Police Dispatch
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Merrimack, NH Police are dispatched on this frequency.

Monitoring Merrimack, NH Police Dispatch frequency using a Whistler scanner.

Scanner is in the southern part of Merrimack.

The unit is hooked into a "Zotac ZBox" with a Ubuntu server and darkice.

11/20/2023   1500hrs - Network hardware required reconfigure 
01/03/2023  1000hrs - Feed archive format updated to "Trim Audio"
08/31/2022 1430hrs - Merrimack Fire provides its own feed

01/27/2019 1200hrs - Long overdue software Updates- sorry for the downtime! 
10/21/2018 1430hrs - External Antenna relocated 8' higher
1/15/2018  1045hrs - feed goes live