Charles County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Maryland State...
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Monitoring the System which is a Motorola Smartnet Type II with Analog and Digital- P25 (9600 baud) Audio

Frequencies used on System in mHz

  • 851.075

  • 851.325

  • 851.5625

  • 852.0625

  • 853.2625

  • 853.375

  • 853.65

  • 853.9

  • 856.5625


All Talkgroups HEX, Audio, Alpha,and Description Tags

Fire/EMS Talkgroups:

035 A CCFD MA Calv Mutual Aid to Calvert Interop


880 Mutual Aid Interop

063 A CCFD 10A12 Marine Rescue A Fire-Tac

065 A CCFD 10A13 Marine Rescue B Fire-Tac

067 A CCFD 10B12 Emergency 3 Emergency Ops

429 D CCFD 10A1 Dispatch Fire Dispatch

42a D CCFD 10A2 Ops Fire-Tac

42b D CCFD 10A3 Incident 10 Fire-Tac

42c D CCFD 10A4 Incident 11 Fire-Tac

42d D CCFD 10A5 Incident 12 Fire-Tac

42e D CCFD 10A6 Incident 20 Fire-Tac

430 D CCFD 10E1 Special Events 1 Fire-Tac

431 D CCFD 10E3 Special Events 2 Fire-Tac

432 D CCFD C10 MA3 C10 MAR 3 Fire-Tac

433 D CCFD C11 MA4 C11 MAR 4 Fire-Tac

435 D CCFD 10A7 10A7 Incident 21 Fire-Tac

436 D CCFD 10A8 Incident 22 Fire-Tac

438 D CCFD 10B3 Incident 30 Fire-Tac

439 D CCFD 10B4 Incident 31 Fire-Tac

43a D CCFD 10B5 Incident 32 Fire-Tac

43b D CCFD 10B6 Incident 40 Fire-Tac

43c D CCFD 10B7 Incident 41 Fire-Tac

43d D CCFD 10B8 Incident 42 Fire-Tac

43e D CCFD 10E4 Special Events 3 Fire-Tac

43f D CCFD 10E6 Special Events 4 Fire-Tac

440 D CCFD 10E7 Special Events 5 Fire-Tac

441 D CCFD 10E9 Special Events 6 Fire-Tac

44a D CCFD 10A12 Marine Rescue A Fire-Tac

44c D CCFD 10A13 Marine Rescue B Fire-Tac

44e D CCFD 10B1212 Emer 3 Emergency Ops


Law Enforcement Talkgroups

405 D CCSO  District 1 (La Plata) Law Dispatch

407 D CCSO District 3 (Waldorf) Law Dispatch

48a D MSP H LaPlata H Law Dispatch

49c D MdTA Nice Bridge PD Law Dispatch