Clackamas County Law Enforcement
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Sheriff (incl. Oregon City, Gladstone, Canby, Molalla, Wilsonville, Sandy), Lake Oswego/West Linn, Milwaukie

Monitoring the following talk groups on the Clackmas County portion of the Washington County / Clackamas County / Newberg radio system (in order of priority):
64912 CCOM Law Dispatch 1
57776 Lake Oswego PD LAW 1 (LOCOM)
50928 Milwaukie Police Dispatch
64880 CCOM Law Dispatch 2
57744 Lake Oswego PD LAW 2
64656 Clackamas County SO - PS 1 [CLACK A]
64624 Clackamas County SO - PS 2 [CLACK B]

Channels higher on the list should preempt lower ones.

This feed uses 2 RTL-SDRs and Unitrunker, along with Trunking Recorder for alpha tags. This feed can be listened to with Trunking Recorder here.

More information is available on the Clackamas County (OR) RadioReference wiki page

This scanner is NOT affiliated with CCOM and is subject to possible downtime due to electrical, internet, or equipment failure

Trunking Recorder is back on recording individual calls heard on the feed, and some calls are also on the Oregon State Radio Project system