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Hendricks County has one Central Dispatch that dispatch County Sheriff  and all Police Departments and a Central Dispatch that dispatched all Fire Departments in the county.

Description                                                                                                 DEC                HEX             Mode                 Alpha Tag Tag   
Hendricks County Law Enforcement Dispatch                                               10346              286a D         32P-DSP            Law Dispatch  

Hendricks County Fire Administration                                                           10354             2872 D          32F-ADMIN        Fire-Talk  
Hendricks County Fire/EMS Dispatch                                                           10359             2877 D          32F-DSP           Fire Dispatch  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 1                                                              10361            2879 D          32F-OP1            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 2                                                              10362            287a D          32F-OP2            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 3                                                              10363            287b D          32F-OP3            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 4                                                              10364            287c D          32F-OP4            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 5                                                              10365            287d D          32F-OP5            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 6                                                              10366            287e D          32F-OP6            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 7                                                              10367            287f D           32F-OP7            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Operations 8                                                              10368            2880 D          32F-OP8            Fire-Tac  
Hendricks County Fire Common                                                                   10360            2878 D           32F-CW1           Fire-Tac  
Indiana State Police District 52 Indianapolis Dispatch                                     10741            29f5 D            ISP IND DISP     Law Dispatch