W7HEN Henderson ARC Repeater Network
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An open repeater network serving amateur radio operators in Henderson, greater Las Vegas, and Pahrump Nevada - including affiliate repeater connections into Los Angeles and Orange County California. Visit us at www.W7HEN.org for more information.

This is a live stream of amateur radio traffic from the Henderson Amateur Radio Club's repeater system, located in Henderson, NV, covering the greater Las Vegas and Pahrump valleys. The primary club repeater frequencies are:

Henderson, Low Potosi (H1) 447.9250 MHz (-) PL tone 156.7

Angel Peak (H2) 449.8500 MHz (-) PL tone 131.8 

Pahrump (H5) 449.9250 MHz (-) PL tone 156.7

Henderson, city center (H6) 445.525(-) PL tone 91.5

Summerlin (H7) 445.075 (-) PL tone 123.0

Affiliate Repeaters

AA7SC - Sun City Anthem (A1) 446.350 MHz (-) PL tone 127.3

N8HC - Henderson, southeast (H3) 447.7250 MHz (-) PL tone 114.8

WB6MIE - Pleasants Peak, Los Angeles, CA (C1) 446.120 MHz (-) PL tone 131.8

The system can also be reached via Echolink: W7HEN-R node 740644 or Allstar: node 44045. Join us for our net, Sundays at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time.  More information can be found at http://www.W7HEN.org/