South Bend, Mishawaka and St. Joseph County Police, ...
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Thank you to all the men and women who keep us safe 24/7/365. This stream is literally meant for you and your family! I couldn't be more proud of the work you've done in our community!ūüĎć

This feed broadcasts LIVE digital Police/Fire/EMS communications.

South Bend Police Dispatch (TGID:12251)
special events

Mishawaka Police Dispatch (TGID:12242)

St. Joseph County Sheriff Dispatch (TGID:12275)
Including special events

Countywide Fire and EMS Dispatch (TGID:12571)
Countywide Fireground 1 (TGID: 12257)
Countywide Fireground 2 (TGID: 12258)

Notre Dame Police and Fire (TGID: 12234 and 12232)
During home football games and special events only



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