Lehigh County Fire and Northampton County Fire Tac-5
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Lehigh County Fire including City of Allentown p25 phase 2. Northampton County departments that operate on Tac-5. Lehigh Twp Fire


Lehigh County, Allentown City, Whitehall Twp, and Northampton County Fire Tac 5 

  • All equipment is on multiple ups's  and automatic generator power.
  • 3- BCT15X's and 1 - SDS-200 P25 Phase 2 Uniden Scanners are being used.
  • The new IOS Broadcastify and Radio 5-0 apps supports alpha tags.



Allentown Fire P25 Phase 2 Talk Groups:

  • Fire Dispatch   F-1
  • Fire Dispatch  F-2
  • Fire Ground   FG-1
  • Fire Ground   FG-2
  • County Mutual Aid  Response
  • Central Station  Dispatch
  • Mack South   Dispatch
  • East Side  Dispatch
  • Fearless  Dispatch
  • Hibernia  Dispatch

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Channels In This Stream:

  • Lehigh County Fire, Ems, Ema Dispatch   154.175
  • Lehigh County Fire North  158.250 (repeated)
  • Lehigh County Fire South   159.060 (repeated)
  • Lehigh County Fire Ground 1   154.725 (simplex)
  • Lehigh County Fire Ground 2  155.325 (simplex)
  • Lehigh County Fire Ground 3  154.2725 (simplex)
  • Lehigh County Fire Ground 4   150.7825 (simplex)
  • Whitehall Township Fire   154.130 (repeated)
  • Allentown City Fire    P25 - Phase 2   Digital Truking
  • Northampton County Fire Tac 5    501.1375 (repeated)

Northampton County Fire Stations Using Tac-5

Lehigh County Fire Stations

Lehigh County EMS Stations