South Australian Emergency Services
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This feed primarily monitors the South Australian Government Radio Network. This is a P25 trunking system covering 90% of the populated areas of the state. You will hear Fire and Rescue services throughout South Australia.


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 This BCD436HP trunking scanner is setup via the Proscan software to primarily monitor the South Australian Government Radio Network (GRN). This is a P25 UHF Trunking system covering 90% of the populated areas of South Australia.

Through the use of trunking technology it is possible to hear radio traffic from around the state on this network

The following agencies will be heard on this feed:

Metropolitan Fire Service

Country Fire Services

State Emergency Service

State Rescue Helicopter Service

St John Ambulance

Multi Agency Talkgroups

Volunteer Marine Rescue 

Surf Life Saving

Aviation Fire & Rescue

The scanner is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, 40 km's south of Adelaide in South Australia.

More information can be found on the SA-SCAN website at