Dallas County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Perry Police
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This feed carries law, fire, and EMS radio traffic dispatched from Dallas County Sheriffs Office located near Adel, Iowa.

This feed carries county law enforcement, city law enforcement, fire, first responder, and county EMS radio traffic dispatched from Dallas County Sheriff’s Office located near Adel, Iowa. The cities included are Adel, Bouton, Dallas Center, Desoto, Dexter, Granger, Linden, Perry, Redfield, Van Meter, and Woodward. 

The scanner is set to monitor the Dallas County 700mghz simulcast system which is part of the Iowa Statewide Interoperable Communications System (ISICS). The scanner providing this feed is a Uniden SDS200. The scanner and network providing this feed is on an automatic standby generator to keep the feed up in the event of power failure.

The frequencies and talk groups broadcasted are listed below.

Dallas County Simulcast Site:
Frequencies: 769.59375, 770.06875, 770.53125, 771.00625, 771.28125, 771.55625

Dallas County Simulcast Talkgroups:

24605 - 25 Law1 (Law Operations)
24606 - 25 Law2 (Law Info)
24756 - 25 Fire/EMS Page (County Fire and EMS Paging)
24631 - 25 Fire/EMS Main (County Fire and EMS)
24663 - Dallas Roam (Statewide Roam Talkgroup)
24613 - Dallas-Guthrie (PSAP to PSAP)
24614 - Dallas-Madison (PSAP to PSAP)
3001 - IA CALL1 (Iowa Statewide Announce Talkgroup)