Passaic Public Safety
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Covering City of Passaic NJ Police, Fire, EMS, OEM & DPW Operations.

Passaic Public Safety

This audio feed will cover the City of Passaic, New Jersey
Police/ EMS/Fire / OEM  & DPW dispatch channels and alternate channels.

Note: The former Clifton monitored frequencies on this feed have been removed. Those frequencie will monitored on a new feed at
Broadcastify in the very near future.

  • Passaic PD 1 Police & EMS Dispatch 

  • Passaic FD 1 Fire Dispatch

  • Passaic PD/FD 2 PD-FD Common and Alternate Dispatch

  • Passaic OEM UHF Primary 

  • Passaic DPW  

Disclaimer: As per the TOS (Terms of Service), this feed will only broadcast routine dispatch and special events channels and
WILL NOT broadcast dedicated tactical, car-to-car, SWAT, narcotics, detectives or any other channels that are not routine dispatch or special events related.
If however, if a routine dispatch or special events channel happen to have communications such as tactical, tac, car-to-car, NCIC, records, detectives, swat, SRT, and supervisors then this feedd is not subject to Broadcastify terms of service. Also, as conditions warrent due to an incident or situation, if and when possible, this feed will suspend broadcasting to protect Public Safety Personel lives until the situation has ended and is cleared.

Audio only - sorry, no alpha tags -

September 16, 2020