Saint Joseph Area Rail and Marine
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Located in downtown St. Joseph, MI. CSX RR trains and lift bridge operations on the St. Joseph River.

[NOTE! Temporary addition: 160.800 AAR 46 to cover CSX MOW equipment working in the area.]

Saint Joseph, Michigan, features the intersection of the CSX railroad, a navigable river, and general pleasure and commercial traffic on Lake Michigan. There is a railroad swing bridge and two highway bridges that cross the Saint Joseph River, with radio traffic coordinating train and boat movements. Trains can be heard 7-10 miles away, with dispatcher transmissions coming from much further.

Frequencies include (1) 156.800 Marine VHF 16 International Distress, Safety and Calling; (2) 156.600 Marine VHF 12 Port Operations, used to coordinate bridge passage; (3) 160.230 AAR 8 - CSX Railroad road channel; (4) 160.635 AAR 35 - CSX Railroad dispatcher channel, and (6) 157.050 Marine VHF 21A Coast Guard.