W4AP 146.8400 MHz Repeater
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Your Listening to "The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club's" 146.8400 Mhz 123.0Hz Repeater " & Also Skywarn Net Control During Severe Weather. This is the Busiest Repeater in Montgomery, Al. Where you will hear a Range of Subjects and also 2 NET's Per Week.

Hello My Name is Jeff " W4JFF " And this feed has been running almost 2 years now, I have added back-ups. Changed Radio and Tried to make this feed have the best Audio as I can, And right now I think that is all going great with no problems but I did want to add this about the Feed... ( Below )

*** NEW UPDATE - Just wanted to say that I have everything listed below on how this Feed is Running and I also have reports that show Downtime, Updates and Things like that I can't Control But for exampe for the last both we have Been On-Line 93 Percent of that time.

So Please Note The Following:

1. The Computer is on a Backup and if the power goes out it will not effect the feed going down.

2. Scanner CAST is the Program that runs this Online Feed or say picks the Audio Up from the PC and puts it out on however you listen to our feed, Thats the 1 thing I can't control when they do updates and sometimes they will do the right in the middle of audio playing and the you have to reconnect.

3. Just wait about 5 mins and reconnect and sometimes it will even show you the Audio Is streaming even when its says Offline, So just wanted to pass that along and say thanks for listen to Our " W4AP Online Feed " 

                            Thanks, Jeff " W4JFF "

Also below is what is being used to broadcast this feed from the Repeater to the Internet...  Thanks again

     The Audio Feed is Being sent out from My House here in Elmore Using an Icom IC-28H 2 Meter Radio and older radio but sounds great for Receiving and also it work great on the Transmit Side is well, Just a back up Radio

     I am done with all the dreaded Cable that I had to get redone , But Finally we are *** LIVE *** 24/7 W/Battery Back up, So thanks to all the emails about our Online Feed and we even have a link now on the Club Website, By going to www.w4ap.org and the on the right top corner it says " W4AP Audio " Just click that and it will give you some more Information....

Any Questions or how to download a part of any of the Feed, NET or what ever can be emailed to me w4jff@qsl.net or by calling my Cell Ph 334.782.4402

Thanks for your time and Thanks for listening....

 Jeff Rogers " W4JFF "