Snoqualmie and North Bend Public Safety
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Snoqualmie,WA / North Bend,WA Public Safety [KCERS]
This live stream covers King County, Washington public Safety System (KCERS) talkgroups from Site Number 006 (King County/ValleyCom) of the county-wide simulcast system, including Snoqualmie and North Bend, Washington Police/Fire/EMS dispatches, Bellevue/Clyde Hill/and Medina Police dispatches, and NORCOM fire/EMS dispatches around the eastside suburban areas of Seattle. 
System Scanned Departments:
Snoqualmie / North Bend Police Dispatch - Talkgroup ID 28336
Snoqualmie / North Bend Police Tactical 1 - Talkgroup ID 31888 (Dispatch Backup)
NORCOM Fire Dispatch (Automated Dispatch) -  Talkgroup ID 22384
NORCOM Fire Tac 1 (Voice Dispatch)  -  Talkgroup ID 22352
NORCOM Police Dispatch 1 (Bellevue, Clyde Hill, Medina) - 21424
Additional Info on these systems is available here: