Clay County Sheriff, Clay Center Police and EMS
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This feed carries Digital Traffic from the Clay County Sheriff, Clay Center Police, Fire Dept. & EMS

Feed provider, ke0eyh 

Questions about this feed, or for more information contact me directly: ke0eyh at

Scanner: No physical scanner, all traffic is captured via RTL.SDR dongles, decoded, processed, & fed to Broadcastify via SDRTrunk

(Images don't seem to appear in the app, so you can clink on the link above them and the image will open in a new tab)

RTL.SDR dongles with fan cooling

RTL-SDR Dongles

L to R: Web server for my website, PC running SDRTrunk, RTL.SDR dongles sitting on top of SDRTrunk PC

SDRTrunk Server

Ham shack with Webserver & SDRTrunk. Notice Raspberry Pi to right of monitor that serves my second feed 


800 MHz antenna on top of Metal roof

800 MHz Antenna

Stream Server: SDRTrunk, running on a Leveno IdeaCentre K330B / Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnimon 64-bit / Intel Pentium G630 @  2.7 GHZ x2 / 6GB Memory            

Software: "SDRTrunk(Version 0.4.0 Alpha 9)                                                                                                                                                                         

System: KSICS - Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System / Project 25 Phase I / Clay Center Ks / Clay County Ks.

As of 14 Aug 2017 this feed, including internet connection is on batteryback up!

This feed includes:

Clay County KS. Sheriff
DEC - 4490 / HEX - 118a / Alpha Tag - Clay Co SO

Clay Center KS. Police
DEC - 4499 / HEX - 1193 / Alpha Tag - ClayCenterPD

Clay Center KS. EMS
DEC - 4498 / HEX - 1192 / Alpha Tag - EMStoHospitl

Clay County Highway Dept.
DEC - 4495 / HEX - 118f / Alpha Tag - ClayCo Roads

Primary Control Channel: 852.775c (Listed as Primary but there is no traffic on this frequency)

Alternate Control Channel: 852.4875a (Listed as "Alternate Control Channel" but all of Clay County's traffic can be heard on this frequency)

Other frequencies listed for Clay County Ks:

851.7125 / 853.075 / 853.425 / 853.725

This feed first online 2 May 2017 @ 16:19:54 HRS