Chautauqua County Public Safety South
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Stereo feed - You may adjust left and right speaker balance as desired. LEFT is all county fire dispatch and operations only. RIGHT is police agencies and Jamestown fire only. See about/info for more details.


**System has DUAL scanner feeds: the RIGHT channel is everything listed below as it has always been MINUS the countywide fire talkgroups mentioned next, the LEFT channel is county fire talk groups only (TGIDs 9023, 9001, and 9002-9006). All meta tag info comes from the scanner on the left channel only. Adjust your speaker balace accordingly depending on what you desire to hear.

UPDATE: RED items below are on the LEFT channel ONLY. All BLACK items below are on the RIGHT channel ONLY

Talkgroups always scanned:

Jamestown Police Dispatch TGID - 8007

Jamestown Fire Dispatch Includes Medic 35 and Ambulance 1 TGID - 9009

County Sheriff and NYSP (in county) Dispatch (also includes Lakewood-Busti, Ellicott, Westfield, and Carroll) TGID - 8001

Countywide Fire Dispatch TGID - 9023

Countywide Fire Dispatch Response TGID - 9001

Countywide On Scene Fire TAC Channels: TGIDS 9002-9006

Countwide Interagency 13 and 14, and Traffic 9.

Chautauqua Institute police and Security

Dunkirk Fire Dispatch TGID - 9011

Fredonia Fire Dispatch TGID - 9010

Alstar Dispatch South TGID - 9031

Alstar Dispatch North TGID - 9032

County Fire Police VHF (2)

_____  On occasion these North County groups may be added:

Dunkirk Police Dispatch TGID - 8008