WB2ZII 147.0600 MHz Repeater
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The repeater is operated by the Westchester Emergency Communications Association in Valhalla, NY. The large Coverage area includes all of Westchester County and many of the surrounding counties in NYC, NJ, LI and upstate NY.


147.06 MHz ARES/RACES repeater in Valhalla, NY - Westchester county


This feed is located at the Westchester County radio tower in Valhalla, NY

The repeater's ERP is 350 Watts from an omni antenna at 470 feet above ground level. The repeater provides street level HT coverage in about 95% of Westchester County. It provides mobile coverage in 100% of Westchester County and from beyond the southern tip of Manhattan to Dutchess County. It also provides mobile coverage for Long Island from western Suffolk County through all of Nassau and Queens Counties into Brooklyn and most of northern New Jersey beyond Morristown.

The repeater is Echolink capable and all are welcom to use it. (Node 825225).

This repeater system has 5 remote receive sites in the County and 2 additional remotes outside the county. One in Orange County and the other in Bergan County. The  voting system continuously evaluates and determines which receive site has the best signal and selects that site's receiver audio to be repeated from the main transmitter located in Valhalla.. A home brew "Voter Tallier" creates the tones listed below. These tones are generated based on the site that is voted for the longest during that transmission.

RX Tones - Number of Low Tones  after the initial courtesy beep indicates the site voted for longest time in the South:

440 Hz Tones (low pitch = south)

  • No talley tone - SW (Bergan)
  • 1 - Valhalla RX 
  • 2 - Yonkers RX
  • 3 - Mount Vernon RX

RX Tones - Number of High Tones after the initial courtesy beep indicates the site voted for longest time:

880 Hz Tones (high pitch = north)

  • 1  -Harriman RX
  • 2 - Bedford RX
  • 3 - North Salem RX