Kanawha Valley Railroads
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Feed covers CSX and Kanawha River Railroad.

Welcome to the CSX and Kanawha River Railroad feed. This feed is located in South Charleston, WV and runs on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and uses a slim jim antenna and a Kenwood tk-7160 for the radio.

The following are being monitored:

AAR 008 - 160.230    CSX Road
AAR 014 - 160.320    CSX Coal River Sub Dispatcher
AAR 020 - 160.410    CSX Kanawha Sub Dispatcher
AAR 022 - 160.440    NS Princeton-Deepwater Dispatcher
AAR 028 - 160.530    CSX South Charleston Yard
AAR 034 - 160.620    Kanawha River Railroad Road / Dispatcher
AAR 045 - 160.785    CSX Maintenance Of Way
AAR 070 - 161.160    CSX South Charleston Yard

CSX Coverage

CA 469.7 Scary  -  CA 450.0 Owens
CLF 1.0 Indian,  CLF 6.1 E.E. Of Coal River  -  CLF 12.1 Alum Creek
Train movements in and out of John Amos Power Plant
Train movements in and out of South Charleston yard

Defect Detectors

CA 463.4 Spruce Street
CA 450.0 Owens (sketchy reception)

Dispatcher Towers

CA 479.2 Hurricane (sketchy reception)
CA 465.1 St Albans
CA 457.3 South Charleston
CA 445.1 Marmet (sketchy reception)
CLF 2.0 Robin Hood
CLF 4.2 River Bend
CLF 10.2 Alum Creek

Kanawha River Railroad Road Coverage

WV 171.8 Kapok  -  WV 192.0 Levi
Dickinson Yard Master

Defect Detectors

WV 171.8 Kapok (sketchy reception)
WV 189.9 Port Amherst (sketchy reception)