Saline County Sheriff and Harrisburg Police Dispatch
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Saline county sheriff and Harrisburg departments have changed to an encrypted digital technology and will not be heard on this feed.

This feed monitors: Saline County Sheriff Department. 156.210 Harrisburg City Police 151.340 Saline County dispatch Located in Harrisburg.

Saline county Sheriff, Harrisburg PD and other departments will soon switch to a digital radio system that will not be compatible with older analog scanners such as the one we use to provide the feed. In order for us to continue to provide this feed equipment will need to be upgraded.

We have been proudly providing this feed since February 2017 with a twenty five year old Radio Shack scanner and we are very thankful that the Harrisburg area feed has not been a part of many major events as of yet. Follow us on twitter to find out how you help this feed stay active.