Twinsburg, Hudson and Reminderville Police, Fire / EMS
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TPD is unusually radio quiet most likely due to heavy MDT dispatching. As a result this feed includes Hudson PD, but by design all transmissions are queued and played into the stream in sequence so you'll never miss a transmission from any listed agency.


Twinsburg PD Dispatch (Units 7xx)  
Reminderville PD Dispatch (Units 9xx) 
Hudson PD Dispatch (Units 1xx)

* Note, these agencies go long periods of time without transmitting and TPD in particular seems to be very reliant on their MDTs.  More than likely there is nothing wrong with the feed, and its why I combined these neighboring cities into one feed.

Fire & EMS:

Twinsburg FD/EMS Dispatch (Units 34**)
Reminderville FD/EMS Dispatch (Units 29**, Conventional UHF)
Hudson FD/EMS (Units 20**, Conventional UHF)

* My ability to hear Hudson FD & EMS analog was choppy at best and has degraded substantially despite attempts to improve the antenna.  They're slated to go onto the P25 system and as soon as that happens they'll be returned to the feed.  Reminderville tones and fire are also currently broken as I fix the analog receiver.  When it was receiving it was so noisy it was annoying.

* TFD tones out all of it's FD/EMS runs on its legacy UHF where Reminderville FD still operates both tone-out and response.  Twinsburg Township is both a U shaped area between The City of Twinsburg and Hudson and is also comprised of small "islands" throughout The City of Twinsburg depicted in red below.  The City of Twinsburg provides Fire & EMS to the township through a contract, while the Summit County Sheriff polices the township.  It is not uncommon for the SCSO 5xx units to occasionally talk on Twinsburg PD dispatch and back each other up or provide mutual aide.  (SCSO units also provide police coverage to Northfield Center Township to the west, as well as The City of Green and Coventry Township to the far south)

Technical details:

This feed is produced entirely from SDR dongles in linux, liquidsoap and custom middleware.  The analog and digital are sourced off two different computers and mixed together.  



* The red areas here are a more accurate representation of Twinsburg Township and its multiple "islands" northward up to the county line.