Boone County Public Safety
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Now includes All Boone County Emergency Services frequencies, digital and analog!!!

This feed will provide the dispatch radio traffic for the WV SIRN P25 Radio System and the Conventional Radio system in the County for Police, Fire, EMS, and EMA. It will include Boone 911 Police Dispatch EMA Dispatch EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch channels.

Dispatch Analog:

Boone County Police - 155.700
Boone County Fire - 159.120
Whitesville Fire/EMS - 156.120
Boone County Ambulance Authority - 155.250 / 155.280
Dispatch WV SIRN Digital:
Police Dispatch - Dec: 4207 HEX: 106F
Fire Dispatch - Dec: 4201 HEX: 1069
EMA Dispatch - Dec: 4251 Hex: 109B
EMS Dispatch- Dec: 4205 - Hex: 106D
Event 1- Dec: 4257 - Hex: 10A1
Event 2 - Dec: 4259 - Hex: 10A3
Event 3 - Dec: 4261 - Hex: 10A5
Event 4 - Dec: 4263 - Hex: 10A7
Boone 911 - Dec: 4929 - Hex: 1341
WV State Police Dispatch: Dec: 9017 Hex: 2339
The agencies that this will include will be: Boone County Sheriffs Office, Madison Police Dept, Danville Police Dept, Sylvester Police Department, Whitesville PD, WV State Police, Boone County EMA, Danville VFD, Madison VFD, Morrisvale VFD, Racine VFD, Spruce River VFD, Van VFD, Wharton VFD, Whitesville VFD, Boone County Ambulance Authority.