Taunton Area Police and Fire Departments
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Taunton, Raynham, Lakeville, Berkley, Freetown, Middleboro and Dighton, Norton Police & Fire Departments.

Taunton Area Public Safety Feed

Feed includes Police and Fire for Taunton*, Raynham, Lakeville, Freetown, Middleboro, Berkley, Norton & Dighton

*Please note, Taunton PD is now encrypted and can not be received any longer

Text taging channels is not available on this radio feed

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Dighton MA Bristol County 483.3125 - Dispatch 805
Berkley Ma Bristol County 483.5875 - Dispatch 762
Raynham MA Bristol County 483.3250  - Dispatch 822
Middleboro MA Plymouth County 470.825 - Dispatch 670
Lakeville MA Plymouth County 482.4875 - Dispatch M1
Freetown MA Bristol County 470.9250


Dighton Ma Bristol County 453.3125 
Berkley Ma Bristol County 460.3625 
Raynham Ma Bristol County 453.9000 
Taunton Ma Bristol County 453.7000 
Middleboro MA Plymouth County 470.7000 
Lakeville MA Plymouth County 460.1625
Freetown MA Bristol County 460.6250