Madison County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Anderson Police

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Madison County Sheriff and EMS Dispatch, Madison County Fire Dispatch & Grounds, Anderson Police Dispatch

County Law enforcement dispatch 1(sheriff/ small towns) -alpha tag 48 law 1  DEC 48001   
County Law Enforcement dispatch 2 ( sheriff/ small towns) -alpha tag 48 law 2  Dec 48002 

Anderson talkgroupsDec 48011 Hex bb8b alpha tag 48APD 1- dispatch Dec 48012 Hex bb8c alpha tag 48APD 2- dispatch 

Madison County Fire and EMS  talkgroupsCounty wide fire command Dec 48010 Hex bb8a alpha tag 48 command 
County wide EMS Dispatch Dec 48020   Hex bb94  alpha tag 48-FD/EMS