Humboldt County Law, Fire and EMS - Eureka and North
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Eureka Police, Humboldt Bay Fire, Humboldt Sheriff's Main, Arcata Police and Fire, CHP base and mobile, Cal Fire, Humboldt State Police, City Ambulance Dispatch.

Radio monitoring equipment is located in Eureka CA and monitoring Eureka Police Department main channel (154.950) and Humboldt Bay Fire primary (153.950). System has backup power for several hours during power failures. 

Humboldt County Sheriff's Department has 4 repeaters that cover the entire county. 

Feed includes the following:

- Eureka Police 154.950 mhz

- Humboldt County Sheriff 154.740 mhz

- California Highway Patrol 42.240 mhz

- California Highway Patrol 42.540 mhz

- Humboldt Bay Fire 154.370 mhz

- Cal Fire 154.370 mhz

- Arcata Police 155.430 mhz

- Arcata Fire 154.130 mhz

- Humboldt State University Police 159.090 mhz

- U.S. Coast Guard Primary 157.175 mhz