Tucson Area Rail
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Located in the Catalina Foothills of Tucson, AZ Monitoring operations of the Union Pacific Gila, Lordsburg and Nogales subdivisions out of Tucson, AZ.

Gila Subdivision
MP 732 (Yuma) to MP 988 (Tucson)

161.55000 UP96 Gila    Yuma to Dome 
160.32000 UP14 Gila    Dome to Tucson 
161.10000 UP66 Yard    Yuma/Tuscon Yard
161.43000 UP88 Yard    Yuma Yard

Lordsburg Subdivison
MP 987 (Tucson AZ) to MP 1299 (El Paso TX)

160.23000 UP08 Lordsbu    Vail AZ to Afton
160.32000 UP14 Lordsbu    Tucson to Vail
160.36500 UP17 Tuc Car    Tucson Yard - Car Department
160.84500 UP49 Lordsbu         Afton to Lizard
161.10000 UP66 Yard    Tucson Yard
161.13000 UP68 Yard    Tucson Yard
161.43000 UP88 Yard    Tucson Yard
161.55000 UP96 Lordsbu         Lizard to Belen/Newman

Nogales Subdivision
MP 0 (Tucson) to MP 65 Nogales

160.99500 UP59 Nogales    Tucson to Nogales