Aberdeen Regional Airport (KABR) and ARTCC
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KABR Local Air traffic including ARTCC. Click link above for link to live radar/map along with live audio for Aberdeen Regional Airport and surrounding area

Click the above link to access a map showing a radar of all aircraft within a 200 mi radius.  Web page also includes live audio feed from pilots listed on page or displayed on map.  a full back end database with flight information is also available. (click on the menu option and configure your default display).  Must have Java enabled on browser for full audio. (IE default).

Mobile users, Scanner Radio Deluxe is what is recommended, your one stop shop for Abereen Audio Feeds..

All transmissions that are recieved are  delayed by thirty seconds or less in real time, depending on your device.

Note- Not all aircraft are displayed on map, if the aircraft is not transmitting its callsign and/or gps info it may only be listed and not always ploted on map.
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Aberdeen Regional Airport (KABR)
Aberdeen SD 57401
122.70000                    BM         Aberd CTAF     CTAF       
122.85000                    BM         Quest Aviatn     Quest Aviation   
122.95000                    BM         Aberd Unicom     Unicom       

123.02500                    BM         Helicopters     Helicopters 
129.4500           East Central US
128.5000          RCAG Watertown SD
125.1000          RCAG Pierre SD
120.6000          RCAG  ABERDEEN SD
Minneapolis (ZMP) Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)