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Marine/USCG channels 16, 21, 22, 23, 81, 83

Marine/Coast Guard Frequencies in the Southern RI and Southeast CT Coastal Waters including Rhode Island Sound, Block Island Sound, and the eastern portions of Long Island Sound. 

156.800 Marine Channel 16  Hailing, Emergency & Distress channel

157.050  Marine Channel 21 US Coast Guard 

157.100  Marine Channel 22  US Coast Guard Public Liason frequency and Marine safety/weather broadcasts

157.150 Marine Channel 23 US Coast Guard

157.075 Marine Channel 81  US Coast Guard

157.125  Marine Channel 82  US Coast Guard

157.175 Marine Channel 83 US Coast Guard

US Coast Guard Sector Southeast New England is responsible for coastal waters from Cape Cod MA to Watch Hill RI.

US Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound is responsible for waters west of Watch Hill RI including all of Long Island Sound and most waters  south of Long Island.  

The receiving station is presently located in Hopkinton, RI  (the town just north of Westerly).   The receiver is a Icom IC-2100H,  the antenna is a  commercial grade dual dipole array at approximately 35 feet above ground,  fed with LMR600 coax cable. Despite an very good equipment setup and excellent receive sensitivity, I am unable to reliably receive vessels in Narragansett Bay due to distance and land topography from my location.  Plans are in the works to relocate feed to a better location in Westerly RI about a mile from the shoreline with tall antenna. 

I also operate the Southern RI and SE CT Fire and EMS feed.   I welcome feedback and comments on both feeds.  You can email me at