Houghton and Keweenaw Counties Police, Fire and EMS
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Houghton and Keweenaw Counties PD/FD EMS, and DNR fireground.

This feed covers Houghton and Keweenaw Counties in Michigan.

This feed includes:

Houghton County Fire North End 154.085 Mhz

Houghton County Fire South End 155.415 Mhz

Houghton County Police (31P911)  ID 7039

MI State Police (SWCID8) ID 7008

MI State Police (MSP8) ID 6002

MI State Police Calumet Post (D87POST) ID 6075

MI State Police North Dispatch (D8NORTH) ID 5082

MI State Police Emergency All Call (D8EAC) ID 6001

MI State Police Statewide District 8 (STATW8) ID 6003

Michigan Tech University Public Safety (31MITEC) ID 6250

Countrywide Common (31COM) ID 7042

Houghton County Medical First Responders (31NFMR) ID 6302

Upper Penisula DNR Fire (FMDUP) ID 7034

Houghton County Fire (31FE911) ID 1383

Houghton County EMS (31MERCY) ID 6247

Houghton County EMS (31EMS) ID 6190

Kewneenaw County Police (42P911) ID 7040

Keweenaw County Fire 154.31 Mhz

Kewneenaw County EMS (42EMS) ID 6296

The scanner is a uniden BCD996P2 using a Yagi antenna. The following tower sites are scanned: Houghton, Skanee, and Donken.