Concord Fire Alarm - Capital Area
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Capital Area Mutual Aid / Concord Fire Alarm

Monitoring Capital Area Mutual Aid Fire Compact (Concord Fire Alarm). 
Ch-1 Dispatch / Primary Operations (Priority)
Ch-2 Fireground
Ch-3 Fireground
Ch-4 NH State Fireground (Currently PL 136.5)
Ch-5 Fireground / Washington Fire Dispatch
Ch-6 Fireground
NOTE: The audio on Channel-1 represents the audio heard in the communications center. In addition to Concord Fire Alarm, St. Lawrence County NY Fire Dispatch can often be heard on the feed. There is nothing that can prevent that.
The Fireground Channels traffic is usually around the immediate Concord Area, but can be from a further distance. Because the NH State Fireground Channel is included, some traffic may be from outside the Capital Area.