Hamilton County Amateur Repeaters
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ARES Activities In Hamilton County OHKYIN, QCEN, W8ESS, KC8EGV repeaters

Monitoring ARES and other amateur radio special events in Hamilton County OH.

When ARES is not active scanner will monitor OH-KY-IN ARS repeaters.

Frequencies Routinely Scanned:

  • 146.6700 ARES Primary
  • 146.6250 ARES South
  • 146.9250 ARES West
  • 145.1900 W8ESS
  • 145.4500 KC8EGV
  • 443.7625 ARES UHF
  • 147.2400 Red Cross
  • 146.8800 SkyWARN Primary

Other frequencies are added as the event or incident dictates.

Thanks to OH-KY-IN ARS & W8ESS for allowing Hamilton County ARES the use of their repeaters.