Hancock County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Greenfield Pol...
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Includes all Hancock County public safety agencies

Hancock County has converted to P25 and the feed has been updated. The following talkgroups on the SAFE-T system are monitored: 
  • Hancock Co Fire Dispatch
  • Hancock Co Fireground 1 through 5
  • Hancock Co Police/Sheriff Dispatch
  • Greenfield Police Dispatch
  • Hancock Co Operations 1 through 5
  • Hancock Co EMA
  • Hancock County Admin
  • Indianapolis State Police (ISP) - Pendleton and Indianapolis Post/Dispatch Centers

Note: Priority scanning has been enabled. Hancock Co Fire Dispatch (30-DSP) has priority and the scanner will jump to it if traffic is received on that talkgroup. 

Equipment used to provide this feed includes: 

  • Uniden BCD996XT Scanner
  • Raspberry Pi Model 3