San Mateo County Fire Agencies
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Dispatch, Command and Tactical radio for all San Mateo County fire agencies. See additional feed information for channel plan.

Official feed for PulsePoint Respond. Download the app and select San Mateo County for live CAD details.

(   (   (   Stereo Feed   )   )   )
  South Central North
LEFT Audio Channel
Dispatch  Control-1 Control-2 Control-3
  Command-11  Command-21  Command-31
RIGHT Audio Channel
Tactical Tac-15 Tac-25 Tac-35
  Tac-16 Tac-26 Tac-36
  Tac-17 Tac-27 Tac-37

Also broadcast on the right channel are occasionally used mutual aid channels vFire-21, vFire-22, vFire-23, vFire-24, vFire-25, vFire-26, vFire-36, Command-41, Command-51, CALCORD and USCG-16 and USCG-21.

Detailed frequency information for San Mateo County can be found here.

Audio sources used for this stream are mixed on a Behringer MX882 and encoded with a Barix Instreamer.